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8 films stars who found success later in life and prove that age really is just a number

Those of you looking for proof that the old proverb, ‘Good things come to those who wait,’ is still applicable today got just that earlier this year when Dorothy Steel made her big-screen debut in Black Panther as a Merchant Tribe Elder.

Not only was the Marvel blockbuster just Steel’s fifth IMDB credit, but she achieved this success just four years after starting her acting career at the age of 88.

Now 92, Steel was able to watch herself starring opposite Chadwick Boseman and Michael B Jordan in the worldwide pop culture phenomenon, which has so far grossed over $1.244 billion worldwide. 

But that almost wasn’t the case, as Steel originally told her agent to turn down the offer because she had never heard of the “comic strip” movie that was after her, and she had no intention of learning the South African accent that they demanded. 

It was only after Steel’s 26-year-old grandson had educated her on “Black Panther” and the importance of the film that she reconsidered. Steel auditioned again for the role, landed it, and thus created yet another reason for fans to both adore and be inspired by the Marvel blockbuster.

Steel isn’t the only actress to have found fame late in life. In fact, you can take a click through our gallery above to learn about seven other actors that prove it is never too late to make it in show businesses.

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