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98.5 The Sports Hub’s Marc Bertrand on Metro’s Top 12 of the last 12

Randy Moss Boston sports 2007 Patriots list Marc Bertrand wasn’t smiling when he saw Randy Moss and the 2007 Patriots ahead of the likes of the 2001 team. Credit: Getty Images

98.5 FM The Sports Hub host Marc Bertrand gave Metro his take on the rankings of the Top 12 Boston sports teams of the past 12 years. You can listen to Bertrand weekdays on the “Felger and Mazz” show from 2-6 p.m. and on Saturday mornings from 8-11 a.m. on the “Bertrand and Gasper” show.

Which team is too high on the list and why?

The 2007 Patriots. Who in their right mind ranks that team ahead of teams that actually won a championship? It must be the same people who think hanging at 16-0 banner is a good idea.

Also, The 2008 Celtics are too high on the list. It was a very exciting time to be a Celtics fan, and “The New Big Three” was an awesome thing to watch all season long, but that team was not dominant enough in the playoffs to be number three. They had to go seven games with Atlanta in the first round, before going seven against Lebron and the Cavs. They weren’t very good on the road in the playoffs either.

Which team is too low and why?

The 2001 Patriots are ranked too low. They were great for a lot of reasons but I think we will always remember that group of players for the way they embraced the team concept. They played great on the field and brought home a championship while also starting the most dominant run in professional sports that a region has ever had.

Also, I would bump the 2003 Patriots up into the third spot.

Which team got snubbed out of the top 12 and why?

The 2010 Celtics absolutely deserve to be on this list. They struggled at times in the regular season but they were ready to go in the playoffs and took the NBA Finals to a seventh game in what ended up being a great series against The Lakers. I would like to see how that series would have gone with the new Finals format instead of the 2-3-2.

Other observations

The 2008-09 Celtics don’t belong on this list. Kevin Garnett got hurt and the team didn’t make it out of the second round. It was a disappointing ending to what could have been another great playoff run had KG been healthy.

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