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A Boston resident created an Allston Christmas Snapchat filter

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Merry Allston Christmas! Though it’s far from the most wonderful time of the year for all the residents who have to schlep their belongings across the city on the same day, Sept. 1 is still often treated like a holiday in Boston.

To help celebrate, one resident created an Allston Christmas Snapchat filter so your images of all the trash on your curb can be a bit more festive.

Micaela Brody, a graphic designer for Harvard Business School, created the decorative geofilter a bit last minute, she admits. She brought it all together on Thursday, just in time for residents to begin unloading their apartments as leases end.

The geofilter features discarded furniture lining the bottom of the screen, mimicking the streets of the city today. Mattresses are piled on a couch, an open box and stacks of books sit to the side.

“I think Allston Christmas, despite gridlocking the neighborhood and being sort of annoying, is kind of a weirdly visually fascinating day because it’s rare to see that sheer amount of trucks and trash in one place,” Brody said. “And it’s so uniquely Boston that it deserved the same kind of geofilter representation that other big days do!”

Brody isn’t moving this year, but she knows the Allston Christmas chaos well. She’s lived in Boston for eight years including college, she said, and has always been on a Sept. 1 lease.

Though she’s not moving herself, she still wanted to be a part of the day. Plus, she’s a spectator, she said, as she lives in Allston and has often seen some “dramatic” trash heaps in her area.

The geofilter was available in the area between Harvard Avenue and Linden Street Friday morning, from 10 a.m. to noon. It’s available next between Allston Street and Commonwealth Avenue from 1 to 2 p.m.

Brody will be capturing scenes from Allston Christmas with her Snapchat filter as she walks around today, she said. If you’re not right in the middle of the action, here’s a few other snapshots of how the day is playing out for residents.