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A brighter, happier apocalypse

With their new album, “Grey Oceans,” sisters Bianca and Sierra Casady are back at it under the name CocoRosie (a combination of their nicknames). “The idea behind ‘Grey Oceans’ is these in-between moments where we can transform, that moment of transformation,” explains Sierra of the title. “I think a lot of artists have an idea of Armageddon, the end of time. And I think it’s pretty natural that it works for us, too, but in our own way, a brighter, more hopeful way.” Curious, we asked her more about the album, its unusual art, and their even more unusual upbringing:

On their childhood

“We have some really spooky memories from growing up in the desert. During that period when I was, I don’t know, 7, 8, 9, 10, we spent time in Arizona. Bianca and I were way too young to drive, but we’d steal a car and go off into the desert and hunt rabbits. Just shoot them through the window while we were driving and take them home and skin them and make a big rabbit stew.”

On their new toys

“We used a bunch of Chinese and Mexican instruments and vintage pianos, and a really strange Hawaiian violin on the track ‘Smokey Taboo.’ And I played a Chinese harp on ‘Trinity’s Crying.’ We just really enjoyed experimenting on instruments.”

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