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A dancer’s Montreal

Every time I come back to Montreal after a few months outside of the country, I say, “OK, I’m home.” Actually, Montreal is like a landmark for me. Maybe more than a home, ’cause I could live anywhere. But it feels good to be back here. Every time. Montreal is comforting.

Montreal is like a family. People are open-minded, it’s not strange to see two men or two women walking hand-in-hand. Montrealers are friendly. That’s probably why tourists miss the city so much when they’re back home. Yes they missed the city — because there is a lot of things to do here — but they mostly miss the Montrealers. They miss our energy.

We’re also very emotive. We’re intense in everything we do. Maybe it’s because we have such extremes in our weather — from very cold in the winter to very hot in the summer.

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