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A decade of dirt, debauchery (pt. 2)

Sports city of the decade:
Reluctantly … Boston The Red Sox won two World Series titles. The Celtics won an NBA title. The Patriots won three Super Bowls. Heck, even the New England Revolution even won an MLS Cup.
Of course, the city also holds the title for one of the most-hated men of the decade, Bill Belichick, and the worst set of bandwagon fans in history — ask a Pats fan to name more than three players on that 2001 Super Bowl team.

Buffoons of the decade:
This could go on for days, but here are four names who absolutely could not be left off the list: NFL “analyst” Michael Irvin, swimmer Michael Phelps (who, astoundingly, would also make “best athlete of the decade” if we had that category), wide receiver Chad Johnson/Ocho Cinco and golfer John Daly.

Crybaby of the decade:

Adam Morrison

Morrison’s tears came in a harrowing 2006 NCAA tournament loss to UCLA in which the Bruins stormed back with an unforgettable rally in the closing minute. Instead of manning up and stopping the rally, the Gonzaga guard crumbled to the floor and sobbed with plenty of time left on the clock. Morrison’s basketball career ended that day, even though that retro porn-star ’stache will live on forever.

Runners-up: J.J. Redick, Roger Federer and T.O.

Party of the decade:
Vikings boat party, 2005

Strippers, alleged prostitutes flown in from out of state and an orgy-like atmosphere that would make Hugh Hefner blush. The Smoking Gun police document makes Kobe’s police interview from 2004 look rated G.

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