A few new light bulbs go far for T – Metro US

A few new light bulbs go far for T

The MBTA is hoping to save millions in electricity costs over the next decade, after implementing several new initiatives this year to improve lighting efficiency and reduce consumption.

In an effort to make fast improvements without a huge investment, T officials teamed up with NSTAR in July and are gradually retrofitting the lighting units at all stations, bus depots, office buildings and other facilities to save energy.

“It takes a lot of electricity to move a Red Line train full of people. We are trying to focus on running more efficiently,” said Andrew Brennan, director of environmental affairs at the T.

The T has spent $175,000 on the new lighting program, which is expected to save approximately $200,000 and 1.6 million kilowatt hours of electricity this year alone. NSTAR contributed 70 percent of the cost of the program.

“It has really helped us reduce carbon and electricity consumption. It has an immediate positive impact to our bottom line,” said Brennan.

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