A few timely options for a good Halloween costume

Costume choice is vital in the Halloween season. Being topical or a sexified-anything is always the best way to maximize your tricks and treats. Here we offer a few suggestions and a list of the hottest sellers at costume superstore Ricky’s (www.rickyshalloween.com).

A meme

Print out a photo of an animal with large white block lettering at the top and bottom of the picture. Cut a hole where the animal’s face should be and insert your own.

June Shannon, Honey Boo Boo’s mama

Don your baggiest clothes. Fill a plastic bag with Fluff, peanut butter or some other mushy substance and tie that around your neck. Tie a brown scarf around it, both to hold it in place and to recreate her famous “neck crust.” Bonus: Carry around your own bowl of sketti.

Mitt Romney’s ‘Binder of women’

This one requires some craftiness. We suggest using two halves of a portfolio folder, cut in half, with each side attached to your sides and cutouts of lady faces glued to a shirt. Or, gather a group of your best girlfriends, band together and attach portfolio sleeves to either end of the line-up.

Top costumes this season at Ricky’s

Best-selling costumes for adults:

1. Catwoman

2. Sexy Superhero Flash

3. Adult Smurfette

4. Captain Jack Sparrow

5. Big Bird

Best-selling boys’ costumes:

1. Batman

2. Doctor

3. Swat Commando

4. Spiderman

5. Wolverine

Best-selling girls’ costumes:

1. Tinker Bell

2. Batgirl

3. Disney Princess Belle

4. The Avenger’s Black Widow

5. Pink Power Ranger

Costumes that deserve a treat

1. Because the only thing scarier than an angry dinosaur is an angry little dog in a dinosaur costume. Animal Planet dog costumes, $13-$33, www.overstock.com

2. Look, we don’t know why you want to dress your poor pug up as Bret Michaels. We’re just here to tell you that it’s possible. $8 at PetSmart stores

3. So cute Yoda pup is! $17, www.petsmart.com

4. Admittedly, it kind of looks like the gator is eating this beagle puppy. Even so, we’d trade you all our Kit Kats for him. $16-$20, www.petco.com

Monica Weymouth/Metro

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