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A Frisbee water plan

Dogs love to chase it, hippies love to toss it and, now, everyone should use it as a water meter.

As Calgary lawns hit their emerald stride, a three-year-old city initiative is again urging residents to make better use of their Frisbees, and water resources, by using the one-inch deep flying discs to rein in their sprinkling habits during the Fill a Frisbee, Save a River water conservation campaign.

“That’s about all a lawn needs every week to stay healthy,” said City of Calgary Water Services public program coordinator, Kate Murray, adding if a person takes their Frisbee, turns it upside down under their sprinkler, the amount of time it takes to fill up should be all a lawn needs to maintain its green sheen.

Utilizing rain barrels might be the best way to reduce excess water usage, with a 1,000 square foot roof yielding 650 gallons of water in one downpour, said Karen Morrison, who has four former ketchup and mustard barrels on the go at her NE home she uses for her lawn, trees, gardens and indoor plants.
“It’s really what they prefer to drink,” said Morrison.

“Tap water comes out too cold, so it shocks the plants’ root systems and it comes with all these added chemicals the plants aren’t used to.”

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