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A new kid on the way for Brangelina

A new kid on the way for Brangelina
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I was wondering how long Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie could stay at six kids in their family — or how they’d personally address the Syrian refugee crisis. Well, both questions are reportedly being answered in one fell swoop, as the Hollywood power couple is set to adopt a Syrian orphan, according to Radar Online.The child in question is apparently one of three young brothers Jolie met during a tour of a Syrian refugee camp in Turkey.

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“Angie wanted to adopt all three, but when she got back to the United States, and told Brad about it, he said no,” a source says. “Going from six children to nine was just way too much, and Brad was concerned about how it would impact their other kids. But Angie didn’t put up a fight. She knew it just wouldn’t work.”

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They apparently compromised on bringing one of the brothers home. “It has been a very long process to adopt the Syrian orphan. The red tape has been almost impossible at times,” the source adds. “It could take at least another four to five months before the child is brought to the United States.”

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I’m just going to point out that this brings their number of adopted kids to four versus three biological children, which means someone’s going to have to sit out the family pickup soccer games. And I think we all know which parent acts as the coach for which team, right?

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