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A sensible alternative to most coupes

A convertible four-seater designed for year-round use, the Volkswagen Eos featured a sleek coupe body capped by a hard-top motorized roof and sunroof assembly —allowing owners to take in the sun and fresh air even on colder days.

An affordable but upscale model, the VW Eos featured navigation, parking radar, Bluetooth, premium audio, xenon lighting, heated leather seating and more.

A long list of safety equipment was also standard.


All Eos models got a two-litre four-cylinder turbo engine with 200 horsepower. Transmission choices included a six-speed manual and a six-speed Direct-Shift Gearbox (DSG) with paddle shift.

What owners like

Eos’s quick-acting top mechanism, nicely-trimmed cabin, fun-to-drive attitude and an overall sporty and refined character is popular with owners. Most of these note that interior space up front is generous given the overall size of the car.

What owners dislike

Eos owners typically wish for more back seat space, better rearward visibility, and more storage space for smaller, at-hand items within the cabin. Limited trunk space is also an issue with some owners.

Common issues

Start a test-drive of a potential used Eos by looking for water leaks. Many Eos owners have reported some level of water leakage through the convertible top, so check carpeting, the roof panels and the roof storage area for signs of water damage or dampness.

All on-board electronics should also be tested for proper performance. Note that a rough idle, hesitation, or a check-engine light could be caused by glitch ignition-system parts.


Consider the Eos a roomier and more sensible alternative to machines like a Mazda MX-5 or Saturn Sky in the used market —thanks to its back seat and the year-round driving confidence of front-wheel drive.

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