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A sexy Shiraz

I have to admit that I prefer lighter reds over the richer ones.

But please don’t call me a wimp. I like to drink lots, and you cannot do that with rich, big alcohol reds. I’ve tried, but sleep sets in much too early for me.

However, there are nights when one bottle is OK, and then I enjoy a blockbuster as much as the rest. Shiraz, of course.

This week I’d like to tell you about my current favourite big red.

Not only are you going to be impressed with the quality, the richness and the price, but Bellingham’s wine now comes with a classy new label.

This heavyweight is looking dapper.

Late winter is a good time to check out big reds as they feel nice and warm, but they also serve as useful homework for summer BBQ selections.

Thinking ahead puts you ahead!

I’ve been on a South African push for a while now but this week’s offering has taken the standard even a notch higher. I’d have no hesitation in putting it forward as one of the best under-$15 Shirazes — anywhere.

What separates South African Shiraz from the rest is a trace of smokiness, and a French-style dryness.

Bellingham’s wine delivers its appealing deep, spicy, sultry, cuddly, lush, lovely qualities in a way that reminds me of the Supremes era.

Sex in motion. A big feeling. Need I say more?

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