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A smarter way to use your smartphone

When it comes to utilizing smartphones, most of us aren’t all that wise.

Many laud the advancements in technology, connectivity and life-simplifying applications these innovations offer, yet as recent studies indicate, the average handheld device owner neglects or misunderstands approximately 95 per cent of their phone’s overall capacities and abilities. That’s a lot of untapped resources we’re forking over for on our monthly bill, an amount one company refuses to let go to waste.

“Our goal is to transform your real life business problems into solutions through the effective use of your untapped business asset: your smartphone,” exclaims Dion Mahadeo, President and CFO of PhoneSmartz Inc.

The independent venture was created with colleagues Jeff Ethier and Ahamad Khan in response to the need for optimization of smartphone comprehension by regular people and business users. While still in the first year of operation, PhoneSmartz is already receiving glowing accolades thanks to their dissemination of mobile phone savvy.

“We’re constantly amazed about how little people know about their smartphones,” he continues. “They or their company can spend in excess of $100 a month on their phone bill and they probably use around five per cent of its functionality.

“An analogy we like to use, is it’s like buying a laptop and high speed Internet connection, but all you use it for is to check your email at home.”

Through customized instructor-led workshops starting at $149.99 per person, PhoneSmartz conduct a case-by-case analysis of their client’s particular needs, create a specified course of action and teach these essentials in an effort to “bring simplicity to the smartphone.”

At that, while PhoneSmartz conducts advanced classes, Mahadeo reveals that many groups simply require introductory assistance to navigation, utilizing built-in functionality and recognizing basic procedures and applications. With these elements under their belts, users benefit from information, experience and confidence.

“The amount of functions these devices offer seem complicated and overwhelming. That’s where we provide value.

“Our training/consulting is designed to help anyone, whether for business or personal,” Mahadeo says. “We train you to customize your smartphone, save you time, money, make you more efficient, productive and technology-proficient. Clients can now truly say that we have transformed their smartphone into their virtual office.”

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