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A total brain, body collapse

The signs

Irrational fear

“Fear, not based on anything sane, is a huge sign. Fear of losing control of the future, the inability to make simple decisions, the loss of self-trust, not feeling comfortable in your own skin, all these things can amount to you eventually losing the plot.”

Behavioural shifts

“Acting irritable, irrational and experiencing sudden bursts of anger for no reason, are initial signs something is up, as is lack of confidence, a sense of low self-esteem, self-insecurity and a real shift in appetite, whether its over or under eating.”

Losing touch with reality

“A general loss of flow, such as getting in a conversation and not remembering what you were talking about, can be worrying if consistent. The difference between someone who is on the way to breaking and someone who has already lost it is awareness. If you have really gone to a dark place, you will have lost that self-awareness. As long as you think, ‘I’m going crazy’ you are still present. The person that doesn’t know is on to the next stage, the actual breakdown.”

The solutions

Take yourself for a date

“The mind is a perfect servant, but a terrible master, so don’t allow it to take control over you. Challenge yourself with a physical activity you really enjoy to get the mind to do something other than think. Go for swim or a ride on your bike or even just clean your house and do some gardening, anything that allows you to switch off mentally.”

Become a witness to yourself

“Observe what happens to if you were an outsider. If you have a burst of anger, analyze what triggered it and accept the consequences of your actions.”

Become your own friend:

“Be good to yourself, as you always have to be with ‘you’. Create your own affirmation, a sentence or phrase that has a real meaning for you, such as ‘may I be happy, may I be well’ and repeat it under your breath when you need a boost.”

Be the change

“Create your own mind with its own purpose. Don’t get caught up with drama, have a sense of humour and learn to laugh things off. Try and see the bigger picture and don’t take yourself too seriously.”


“The mind is like a drunken monkey that’s been bitten by a scorpion, it jumps around and is chaotic. Tame your mind. Meditation helps you control the mind by getting you into your body.”

Ask for help:

“…from people you love and who love you, not just a doctor with drugs.”

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