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A ‘violent’ Drive to remember

For a guy who plays a stunt driver that moonlights as a getaway driver in Drive, Ryan Gosling says he didn’t get a whole lot of time behind the wheel in the film.
“I drove myself to set and I drove myself home,” he says with a laugh.

But seriously, though. “I went to driving school, and I did a lot of the driving. But the cool stuff, I didn’t do,” he says.
“But it was one of the best prep experiences I’ve ever had, because I’d basically just show up to this big parking lot, and there’d be a new Camaro or a new Mustang and we’d just ride it to the rims until it was smoking or it wouldn’t go anymore, then we’d just go home and they’d tow it away and call us when it was fixed.”

Drive was something of a meeting of the minds for Gosling and the film’s director, Nicolas Winding-Refn.
“We set out to make a violent John Hughes movie, and I think that’s what we did,” Gosling says.

The movie wouldn’t have happened if REO Speedwagon hadn’t come on the radio during a drive the actor and director shared one night while discussing the project.
“So something happened in that car, and Nicolas and I were sharing the same dream and we spent the whole movie trying to figure out how that was possible.”

Gosling and Winding-Refn’s shared dream apparently worked out great, as the actor and director are jumping into more projects together already.
They’re now developing a remake of Logan’s Run — a project previously kicked around by a number of filmmakers, including Bryan Singer.

And they’re getting ready to shoot a film about Thai kickboxing.
No, really.

“I’m going to start fighting soon. We start in January,” Gosling says. “I don’t know what he’s calling it yet. But that’s the fun of working with Nicolas. You discover it every day. That’s why he likes to work chronologically, so that the movie is evolving naturally.”

With Drive already getting such positive reactions wherever they take it, there’s even been talk of a sequel — even if it was originally just in jest.
“We were joking for a while — but maybe it’s not a joke — that it would be a prequel called Drive 2 where it’s about Bernie and Ron Perlman,” he says.

Of course, like the first film, any possible Drive followup needs to start elsewhere, Gosling explains.

“I did hear that James Sallis was writing some kind of a sequel, so I think we have to defer to him first,” he says.

Gone too far

As a producer on Drive as well as the star, Ryan Gosling played a major role in shaping the finished product with director Nicolas Winding-Refn — which meant making some tough decisions. “The hardest scene to cut was the scene where Albert Brooks actually chokes a guy out on camera and he passes out. That was amazing,” Gosling remembers. “I talked to Albert that night, and I said, ‘Hey Albert, how’d the scene go?’ And he goes, ‘Ah … I actually knocked the guy out. I choked him out. Is that bad?’ You can watch it on camera. You watch the guy’s eyes roll into the back of his head and falls to the floor. Everyone thought he was acting, but he wasn’t.”

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