A wind of inspiration from the Winnipeg skyline - Metro US

A wind of inspiration from the Winnipeg skyline

Alex Stuart
Global Wind Group Founding partner

A moment of entrepreneurial inspiration can strike anywhere. For Alex Stuart, it was while looking out the window of his condominium at the roofs of the Winnipeg skyline. “Look at all that unused real estate,” Alex thought to himself, as he came up with an idea to harness its space and energy. “I started researching wind turbines and came across the vertical axis design. I fell in love the simplicity of the model.”

Stuart and his partner, Justin Phillips, at Global Wind Group are now marketing their technology to India, several countries in the Caribbean and Canada’s territories, where electricity is expensive and difficult to maintain. It also hasn’t been plagued with the problems facing the large scale turbines because of its compact, vertical design and minimal noise. “Some entrepreneurs will sell at this stage, recoup the money and go on. We’re really motivated to keep this going and stay in the business.”

Are you thinking about starting your own business but are looking for inspiration? Follow Alex Stuart’s lead. Sometimes all it takes is opening your eyes and looking out the window.

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