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Aboriginal history month launches at city hall

With singing, dancing and banging drums, the celebration of Aboriginal History and Culture Month launched at the legislature yesterday.

“We have a tremendous opportunity in this province to really understand, to respect and to celebrate the contributions of all of the people of the First Nations,” said Ken Kowalski, speaker of the legislative assembly and honorary chief of the Alexis First Nations.

Speaking at the legislature rotunda as host of the event, he invited the public to celebrate and honour the culture and heritage of First Nations, Metis and Inuit people not only during this month, but all the time.

“When we work together, we win together,” said Chief Rose Laboucan from the Driftpile First Nations.

“I don’t want to be the leader of the people that are on the streets and are homeless. I want to be the leader of a people proud of its heritage, proud of their nation.

“But we need your understanding and your patience to make this happen,” she added, thanking the non-aboriginal people present at the event.

The highlight of the month will be the celebration of National Aboriginal Day on June 21.

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