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‘Acting nerds’ team up for Conviction

When Hilary Swank and Sam Rockwell first got together to begin filming the drama Conviction, they bonded over one simple attribute.

“We’re acting nerds,” said Rockwell during a recent interview. “We got together and were just riffing and playing ball. It was a lot of fun.”

Fun may not be the most accurate description for what united the duo, however.

Based on a true story, Conviction is about Betty Anne Waters (Swank), a determined mother that enters law school and sacrifices nearly two decades of her life in order to prove the innocence of her incarcerated brother (Rockwell).

“Essentially it’s a real love story at its core and I think that’s something that everyone is relating to,” said Swank. “I don’t want to say they’re just ordinary people but they are (like others) people have in their lives and its through an extraordinary experience they have to find their way through this maze and together that’s all they have.”

Indeed, Conviction (in theatres next Friday) is a stirring love story between two siblings but the stars also contend the drama’s moral stance also holds an emotional connection with the audience.

“You want to see justice prevail,” said Swank.

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