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Actor on the Fringe

In his second year on the Fox sci-fi hit Fringe, Joshua Jackson is feeling pretty much at home. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that the filming of the series has moved to Vancouver, the town where he grew up.

“I know where to eat, I know where to do my laundry, I know where to go see a movie … there’s nothing in the city that feels unfamiliar to me other than the fact that there are, like, 15 new buildings every time I go home,” the 31-year-old jokes.

Set relocation and evolving skylines aside, there are even more changes for Jackson’s character, troubled genius Peter Bishop, this season. After the revelation of an alternate universe at the end of Season 1, Peter and his team of “fringe” science investigators (including his “mad scientist” dad, Walter, and FBI agent Olivia Dunham, the Scully to Peter’s Mulder) are spending this year trying to prevent an invasion from that strange parallel dimension.

“Season 2 so far has been about that thing that happens at the end of Season 1 — this, ‘Oh my God! They’re actually coming from the other side and there is a war coming,’” Jackson says. “It is finally a call to duty for Peter. It is something that he believes in, which is not his natural way — in Season 1 (he) was a passive character. The information came to him and he reacted.

“Now he goes, ‘Alright, fine — I’m going to fix this problem, I’m going to take this on.’”
Joshua Jackson says his character, Peter, has become more proactive in Season 2. But how has the parallel universe plot twist affected his counterparts? “Olivia (Anna Torv) becomes a less sure character. She is such a good, hard cop, so now that she’s feeling her mortality, you take this rock solid character and you rattle her up a little bit,” Jackson says.

Meanwhile, “Walter (John Noble) becomes more physically and emotionally incapable,” Jackson adds, as if the bumbling brainiac weren’t already off his rocker.