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Add public outrage to the very small list of things Tiffany and Ivanka Trump have in common

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It’s been pointed out that the first daughters, Ivanka and Tiffany Trump, have little in common. For starters, Ivanka is 12 years older; the duo have different mothers and were raised on opposite coasts. While Ivanka followed dad into the Trump Organization and the White House, Tiffany, a law student, stands largely outside the fray.

But within their father’s calamitous presidency, the two sisters have found some common ground: People on the internet really did not like what they wore that time.

Specifically, those things that bared a — gasp — shoulder. Or both shoulders!

On April 2, Tiffany attended the annual White House Easter Egg Roll and multitasked by having her official portrait taken inside the White House. She posed for White House photographer Shealah Craighead in a white double-breasted jacket-dress with an asymmetrical, off-the-shoulder collar.


?? ?: Official WH Photo by Shealah Craighead

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When Tiffany posted the photo to her Instagram, some considered her outfit to be a classy fashion do. Others saw an outrage being perpetrated in America’s house.

“With an off the shoulder jacket? How is this appropriate? Have other adult children had cosmo photo shoots in the White House?” Instagrammer @mrs_wemette wrote.

“You look fab, but the off one shoulder is awkward & looks tortured. It’s a no, especially for the WH,” said one @hollywoodla6.

Others’ critiques ran to different areas. “Hmmmm. I see some clone tool on that kneecap!” wrote probable Photoshop user @metal__maiden.

As it turns out, public opinion about their visible shoulders is what brings the Trump daughters together. Ivanka was similarly derided for choosing an off-the-shoulder floral dress for the Congressional picnic in June 2017. According to AOL, the choice caused a stir on social media, with some calling it “inappropriate.” “Ivanka is half naked,” declared one commenter. Another felt that the dress “belongs on a date night with your husband.”

The Tiffany shoulder controversy arrives even though spring hasn’t in the Mid-Atlantic. Only time will tell what other scandals of 1918 the Trump daughters will bring to Instagram this warm-weather season. President Trump is likely grateful the Mueller investigation isn’t the only reason this promises to be a long summer.