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Adding bitter foes to Facebook to keep the ego in check

I need to quit Facebook before it gives me the brain of a child star.

Let me explain.

I recently posted a flattering profile photo that a friend took of me at his birthday party. Within a few minutes, the comments came flooding in. “Luminous!” one friend wrote. “Stunning!” insisted another. “Behold the ADORABLE,” offered an old school chum. Real-time Sofi beamed, basking in this onslaught of cyber compliments.

Now, I am not “stunning.” Not by any stretch of the imagination. That said, I am more than OK with my looks, but would place them in the “average to mildly foxy” range. What my lovely Facebook friends and acquaintances were doing, whether they meant to or not, was acting as a chorus of Yes Men.

Yes Men are the managers, the proteges and the hangers-on of celebrities (not that I am a celebrity —hear me out). Yes Men never say “No!” or “Wrong!” or “Bad!” The celebrity’s every whim is satisfied. Every opinion (no matter how ignorant or flat-out crazy) is validated.

Even the most idiotic actions are rewarded with a pat on the head. This is why former child stars are, for the most part, certifiable messes; their versions of reality are tragically skewed.

When you leave a flattering comment on a friend’s Facebook profile, you are stroking their ego, celebrity-style. This can be a good thing. It strengthens the bonds of your friendship and makes the recipient feel loved, appreciated and/or validated. But after months and years of Facebook compliments, of gold stars, of LIKES THIS … we may start to lose touch with reality ourselves.

The reality is this: Not everything you do is awesome.

Sorry to be the one to break it to you. I mean, I’m sure you’re really great and everything, but we’ve already seen that YouTube video a million times and no one cares to know which stupid crops you harvested on FarmVille.

Presumably, everyone on Facebook is a friend or fond acquaintance. Meaning that most of your interactions will be positive. So here’s a wacky thought: We should start adding enemies and acrimonious exes to Facebook! That way they can drop the odd, “My new boyfriend/girlfriend is way hotter and smarter than you. Also, why do you update your status every five minutes? Shut your virtual pie-hole already!”

Sometimes a heavy dose of perspective can be good.

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