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Adult-film star: Even without clothes, Lohan begs for attention

Actress Lindsay Lohan. Credit: Reuters Actress Lindsay Lohan is set to bare all in the upcoming film “The Canyons.”
Credit: Reuters

Lindsay Lohan has dropped her clothes in front of the camera before. In one of the more talked-about Playboy pictorials in recent years, Lohan was paid a reported $1 million to bare all for the February 2012 issue, which included a re-creation of a Marilyn Monroe photoshoot.

So when “The Canyons” director Paul Schrader had to beg Lohan to leave her room to shoot a nude scene for the upcoming film, you’d think she was just being timid about doing a sex scene alongside adult-film veteran James Deen.

But that’s not the case, says Deen.

“[She] was freaking out because she wasn’t getting the attention she wanted,”the adult-film superstar told the New York Post. “I wasn’t really paying attention.”

“The Canyons” is a low-budget thriller centering around a movie producer (Deen) who suspects his girlfriend, played by Lohan, is having an affair. Deen opened up to the Post about making the transition from adult films to features, something he’s held off doing since rising to fame as one of the few well-known male adult stars.

“All the scum and stereotypically horrible stories you hear about entertainment — they’re all true,” he says. “Everyone is scummy, egotistical, weak and pathetic.Fame is useless and fleeting. All being famous does is get people following you into the subway.”

Whether sharing an onscreen bed with Linday Lohan is a ticket to the paparazzi following him on the subway remains to be seen.At the worst, it’s another notch on Deen’s notorious bedpost.

“Who’s not going to pay $10 to watch this movie?” Deen says. “Even just to see Lindsay Lohan’s boobs and to see if the porn guy can act?”

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