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After Gordon trade, Dez Bryant Patriots Browns NFL rumors persist

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Dez Bryant is still a free agency as October approaches. Getty Images

With the news that the Patriots landed Josh Gordon in a trade this week it seemingly put to rest all of those Dez Bryant Patriots Browns NFL rumors. But Bill Belichick has gotten greedy at the position in the past. It was an entirely different situation 11 years ago, but the Patriots brought in both Randy Moss and Wes Welker in the span of a few weeks. The two became New England’s top two receivers for the next three seasons. Could we see Belichick now bring in both Gordon and Bryant back-to-back?

Many made Bryant jokes when Gordon was dealt to the Pats this week, but there is a clear difference in both of their situations. The Patriots had to react with urgency when it came to Gordon as there was a legitimate threat that he was going to be scooped up by another team. According to Adam Schefter, the Patriots closed the Gordon deal with urgency.

Bryant’s situation is entirely different as there is literally no urgency for the Pats or any other NFL team to make a move on him.

More than any other NFL team, the Patriots view the NFL season as a marathon. Belichick has often stated that he doesn’t really have a good gauge of where his team is at until mid-October at the earliest, and the Pats have routinely made late-season acquisitions involving veterans. Read more on if the Dez Bryant Patriots Browns NFL rumors could come to fruition.

Last decade, Junior Seau would “make a comeback” almost every December after sitting out the first three months of the regular season. The Pats also signed Michael Floyd off of waivers in mid-December two seasons ago, and have even had coaches return late in the year. In January of 2012, Josh McDaniels re-joined the Patriots coaching staff despite having been the St. Louis Rams’ offensive coordinator a couple of weeks earlier.

Speaking of McDaniels, he was furious with the Pats’ wide receiver corps this past Sunday in Jacksonville and there’s a feeling of great unease around the group. The Pats have made 28 roster transactions involving receivers since March, so one or two more moves at the position would not be surprising. Most every receiver on the team outside of Julian Edelman and Chris Hogan seem to be expendable at this point.

Just last week Bryant was telling people he was “probably” going to sign with the Patriots, according to Dallas 105.3 The Fan’s Gavin Dawson regarding Dez Bryant Patriots Browns NFL rumors. But there is growing suspicion within the league of whether or not Bryant even wants to return to pro football.

He put on a good showing in front of Hard Knocks cameras last month in his meeting with Browns brass. But according to ESPN’s Josina Anderson, one Browns official said they are “not certain” Bryant still wants to play football.

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