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Aging gracefully

Sir Anthony Hopkins does a hilarious Woody Allen impression. A noted mimic, Hopkins jumps into a stuttering, neurotic riff on the famous filmmaker with the littlest prodding. “He’s my favorite actor. I mean, I’ve watched him for 40 years,” Hopkins says. “I think he’s a genius. I don’t know if he’d appreciate my impersonation.”

And though Hopkins himself is something of an acting legend, he still gets star-struck. “He’s a great star,” Hopkins says of his director. “Whenever I was there, I thought, ‘I can’t believe I’m talking to Woody Allen.’”

It’s no wonder his impression is so good, as Hopkins has had time to study: He stars in Allen’s latest film, “You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger,” as Alfie, whose fear of mortality drives him to walk out on his marriage and pick up with a much younger gal. “The part was an easy part for me to play because I’m that age,” Hopkins admits. “Although I went through my midlife crisis some years back. Whatever that means. Is there such a thing? I guess there is. For men, especially.”