Aguilera, Levine, Cee-Lo and Shelton pour some ‘Sugar’ on ‘The Voice’ – Metro US

Aguilera, Levine, Cee-Lo and Shelton pour some ‘Sugar’ on ‘The Voice’

It’s strange to see the coaches of “The Voice” sing. It’s like when the coach goes for a run with the team and he’s sucking wind. Not that these professional trainers sucked wind, but they don’t really look comfortable on the stage with each other, do they? They also shared the stage with Def Leppard, who provide the background on their 1980s classic, “Pour Some Sugar on Me.”

What this rendition does is remind you how bad the words are. Also, did Adam Levine say “living like a lover with a red iPhone”?!!! Please tell me he didn’t. And why does he look like he’s nervous that either somebody in the audience will assassinate him or one of the other singers will deck him.

Speaking of decking people, Blake Shelton looks like the football player at the karaoke bar who surprises everybody with his “talent.” He looks a little Fred Dursty up there, even. We like Blake, but it’s too weird to mix his everyman country dude look with Xtina’s “I’m a little sexpot” presentation.

And Cee-Lo? He pretty much only sings the “I can’t get enough” part. Perhaps he’s talking about getting lines in the song?

And those lines? Man, at least when Joe Elliott sang it, you couldn’t really tell that he was saying, “Do you take sugar? One lump or twooooooo?”

Anyway, for your viewing pleasure, we present this video.