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Alderman wants plan for future assets

With Calgary expanding by another 22,563 people, a growth in infrastructure needs may also not be far away.

A notice of motion at city hall today will ask council to step back and look at their current assets, to plan for future ones.

“The city has $35 billion in assets, and that’s a lot of assets, but we also have an infrastructure deficit so there are plenty of needs that aren’t being satisfied, things like roads and transit,” said Ald. Bob Hawkesworth.

Hawkesworth said even though the city does have a large amount of assets, because of the city’s growth, they’re still under pressure to build more.

Hawkesworth’s motion will ask council to catalogue all of the city’s assets and come up with a plan on how the city manages them, commits to them and finances them.

“As we’re trying to accommodate growth we are not being proactive about this issue, so we don’t always know when we make a decision on a new area of the city whether it is going to cost city taxpayers,” said Hawkesworth.

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