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Alex Morgan hot photos, pics (Instagram gallery)

Many athletes have that “Woah-Who-Is-THAT?!” factor. It goes well beyond how far they can throw or hit a ball.

My wife more or less became a Red Sox fan in the 1990s because she did a double-take of third baseman John Valentinone day.The attraction wasn’t exactlybecause he was a helluva player … actually it had zero to do with how good he was (the guy couldn’t hold Wade Boggs’ Margo-fondled jock at the plate). Nope, it was all about how “hot” she thought “Val” was.

(There are at least two reasons to question my wife’s taste in men.)

Monday night, I had myself a “Woah-Who-Is-THAT?!” moment while watching the U.S. women’s soccer team against Australia. Oh, I knew full well of who Alex Morgan was before Monday night. I had justsimply forgotten how well she does for herself in front of a camera.

Above is a gallery (scroll-style) of some of Morgan’s more recent shots, coming from her Instagram account and Getty Images.

For some retro Morgan shots, here is a link to her Sports Illustrated swimsuit shoot and some of her more racy shots.


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