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All aboard the Liberal Express

Strategizing for the fall session of the House of Commons will be at the top of the agenda at the federal Liberals’ caucus meeting in Baddeck next week.

But Kings Hants MP Scott Brison said that items that have dominated the summer news cycle —the axing of the long-form census, the long gun registry, and a perceived silencing of high-profile civil servants — will not be far behind. “We’re going to be developing and discussing ideas for the future of Canada,” he said, yesterday, adding the party has shifted its focus from attacking the government, instead trying to move forward with the party’s vision for the future.

“This is a target-rich environment in terms of materials to attack the Conservatives on,” he said. “(They’ve) managed to offend veterans, the military, the police, and any thinking Canadian this summer.”

The caucus meeting will run from Monday to Wednesday in Baddeck.

Planned stops
Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff will be making several stops on his Liberal Express bus tour in Nova Scotia. They include:

• The Elmsdale Tim Hortons
• The Masstown Market
• The Coady Institute in Antigonish
• Rita’s Tea Room in Big Pond

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