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All the shows worth watching on TV this winter

It’s so cold out, why would you go outside? Besides, there’s so much new TV to watch. Here’s our guide to which new and returning shows will keep you cozy and entertained this winter.

The X-Files (Jan. 24, Fox)
You want to believe, and soon you’ll be able to again, as Mulder and Scully return for six weeks of classic conspiracy and alien-hunting. Plus they’ve added in “Community” star Joel McHale as a smarmy cable news host to mix things up, and mix things up he does.

The Walking Dead (Feb. 14, AMC)
Rick and his not-so-merry band of zombie apocalypse survivorshavea very special Valentine’s planned for you. The most popular series on television returns with the introduction of Negan, the biggest of its big bads. This is going to get messy.

Agent Carter (Jan. 19, ABC)
Captain America’s girlfriend charmed the pants off us last winter in her limited run, and this year she’s upped the stakes, heading west to Los Angeles for some classic late-1940s capers.

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Girls (Feb. 21, HBO)
Get your Hannah and Co. follies while you can, because rumor has it that next year (the sixth season of the show) will be it’s last. Good thing this is the fifth season, though, right? And that leaves plenty of time for the gals to not really learn any important lessons.

Broad City (Feb. 17, Comedy Central)
Speaking of hilarious young women in New York, Comedy Central’s sleepy stoner hit is back this winter, too, and if you haven’t been watching, now is a great time to pick up the habit.

Love (Feb. 19, Netflix)
People complain that Judd Apatow’s movies are too long, so instead he’s doing a series for Netflix all about, well, love. But if you happen to think his movies actually aren’t long enough, nothing’s stopping you from watching all of this in one sitting. Enjoy!

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The Bachelor (Jan. 4, ABC)
You know you’re already watching it. But get ready for sweet, unsuspecting Bachelor Ben and the various women of varying levels of crazy vying for his rose — hey there, chicken enthusiast! — to hit the road, because this season does not feel like sitting still. Wonder how many contestants will mysteriously miss their flights.

The Amazing Race (Feb. 12, CBS)
If you must watch a reality show, at least make it one of the best, like the Emmy favorite race around the world, which somehow never gets old. And it’s just plain better for you than the 31st (yes, you read that right) installment of “Survivor.”

Shades of Blue (Jan. 7, NBC)
For a real guilty pleasure, check out this truly questionable entry into the cop drama landscape — and starring Jennifer Lopez and Ray Liotta, no less! Consider this a “get it while you can” kind of treat, because like “American Idol” we don’t expect J.Lo’s new show to be around next year either.

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Shameless (Jan. 10, Showtime)
Showtime’s Americanized take on the long-running U.K. dramedy about one very poor family has quietly been knocking it out of the part season after season, and this year’s is looking to be no different. It’s really some of the best stuff on TV here.

The Shannara Chronicles (Jan. 5, MTV)
If you like your “Lord of the Rings”-style fantasy and YA dystopia with a dash of sarcasm, MTV’s first venture into the epic storytelling realm might be just what you’re looking for. Hope you like elves, though.

My Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (Jan. 25, the CW)
Rachel Bloom has already earned a surprise Golden Globe nomination for her winningly deranged take on romantic longing, so what more does she have to do to get you to tune in? Come on, give a crazy ex a shot.

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