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All the ways you can watch The Voice online

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You’ve already tracked down the winners of The Voice so you can see what they’re up to now, but it’s not enough. You want to relive the emotional highs of their performances and ultimate wins again (and maybe, if you’re being honest, more than once). You need a guide to watch The Voice online, and Metro US has you covered.

But we would be remiss if we didn’t also let you know how to keep up-to-date with the current season of the popular sing-off competition. So we’ve grouped our guide into sections based on where you can find episodes from the new season and where you can track down the oldies but goodies.

Watch The Voice online: New seasons

If you’re looking for the latest season and you’ve managed to avoid some spoilers (props), you have a couple options for catching up. Keep reading to find the best option for getting your fix of fierce performances and celebrity judges:

The Voice on Hulu

The popular streaming service has six episodes of The Voice season 1 available for you to catch up on whenever you’re free, but you better move fast. Four of those six episodes are expiring. Though they’ll be replaced with new episodes as they’re released, you’re going to want to watch them quickly if you missed them the first time around. (If you don’t get there before they expire, you’ll still be able to catch some of the biggest moments in the clips section.) See all the performances by going to Hulu’s series page for The Voice.

The Voice on NBC

Don’t have a subscription to Hulu and missed the episodes when they aired on cable? Never fear, NBC is here and they know you’re obsessed with their show. All the released episodes of the current season of The Voice can be found on their website for streaming. There’s no need to sign in with your cable service provider, so it’s a good choice for those of you who cut the cable cord to save yourself some cash. You’ll be interrupted with regular commercial breaks, but it’s a small price to pay to watch The Voice online, right? We thought so.

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Watch The Voice online: Old seasons

Unfortunately, when it come to old seasons of the singing competition, there isn’t a way to watch The Voice online. And, no, for the record, you cannot find old seasons of The Voice on Hulu or Netflix. The NBC hub for The Voice has every episode of every season, but don’t fall for the trick: you can’t actually watch any of the episodes from any season other than the current.

Your best bets are looking for clips of those winners of The Voice you loved in the curated channels The Voice has on YouTube, like this one for season 13. Otherwise you’re stuck with buying albums of each competitor’s performances from the seasons you loved through Amazon, and that doesn’t really help you watch old seasons of your favorite show.

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