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Alleged would-be robbers claimed they were ‘only joking’

If this was a joke, the victims and police aren’t laughing.

Halifax RCMP responded to Riverside Drive in Lower Sackville just before midnight Monday in regards to an attempted robbery where a knife was allegedly pulled.

A dark red Monte Carlo-style car drove past two males and two females walking along the road and started yelling obscenities at them at 11:55 p.m., according to a RCMP release. The car them pulled in front of the four people and police say two men got out of the vehicle and came towards them.

Police say the men demanded cash, and when one of the females called 9-1-1 from her cellphone, one of the suspects asked her what she was doing and pulled out a knife and threatened her.

She responded that she was calling police, the release said, and the two males ran back to their car and left the area.

Halifax RCMP spokesman Cpl. Joe Taplin said yesterday when the two went back to their car, they were yelling, “We were only joking.”

“They might have thought it was a joke, but apparently the four people they were apparently trying to rob didn’t find it funny,” Taplin said. “They called police right away, which was the right thing to do.”

Police describe the two suspects as white males both in their late teens. One is alleged to have been wearing a white T-shirt pulled over his head, and the other a plaid shirt, also pulled over his head.

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