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Alpacas, llama come to Trump inauguration protests


Standing out in the crowd of protesters in Washington D.C. during President Donald Trump’s inauguration were two alpacas and a llama.

These creatures didn’t escape from a local farm, though. They came with Ethan Abbot (or Ethan the Farmer), founder of Just Us Riders, a pro-farm and organic food activist.

Ethan brought along his alpacas Shay and Thaddeus, a dove named Hubert and a llama named Tragically Cute, he told a reporter from the DC Examiner. He told another reporter from Buzzfeed that he brought them to the protest on the DC Metro.

Ethan previously showed up with Shay to protest outside the Democratic National Convention in Philly over the summer.

Animal lovers can relax: Ethan trains his animals to be comfortable in crowds.

The Lilitz, Pennsylvania native brings the animals with him as a symbol of his support for organic farming. He is firmly opposed to the corporatization of farming and GMOs, he says on his website. His motto: “It’s time to take back our farms, our families, our food, and our freedom.”

Check out some of the reactions on social media to the animals’ appearance below.

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