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Already Free by The Derek Trucks Band

The Derek Trucks Band
Album: Already Free
Label: Sony Music
Rating: ****

As guitarist for the Allman Brothers Band, Derek Trucks is the true successor to slide legend Duane Allman.

Trucks is unquestionably one of the great electric blues-rock guitarist in the business today and the solos that slice through these 12 tracks are the sort that set the hairs on the back of your neck on end.

On this release, Trucks takes his solo band in a southern R&B direction more in keeping with the old Electric Flag than the Allmans. It’s much more comfortable fit than his solo effort, Songlines, which took the band to jazzier places, and brings out the best in vocalist Mike Mattison, percussionist Count M’Butu and keyboard player Kofi Burbridge.

The Derek Trucks Band – Down in the Flood, off of album “Already Free”

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