Amazon plans to post all 10 episodes of its new series ‘Transparent’ at once

“Transparent” stars Jeffrey Tambor.
Credit: Jeffrey Mayer/WireImage

Amazon announced at the Television Critics Association press tour that it will be posting its new dramedy “Transparent” Netflix-style come September. All ten episodes will go live the same day.

The show stars Jeffrey Tambor and centers on a self-absorbed family of Angelenos who have to come to terms with Tambor’s reveal that he’s transgender. Prior Amazon shows were not released this way (they were posted twice a week), so this demonstrates a change in policy for the company.

Amazon and Netflix both don’t provide figures for how popular their shows are, but considering the critical raves the “Transparent” pilot received when it was posted to Amazon Prime last February, they may suspect they have a hit on their hands. Is the binge-watch option in the future for all the non-traditional content providers? They’re not bound to the traditional season the way networks are, though Amazon’s decision to launch the show in September indicates at least a little interest in connecting their programming to that world. If other companies start following suit, the world may not leave the house very much in September.

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