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Amazon protest planned ahead of first City Council hearing on HQ2 in Queens

amazon protest | amazon hq2 in queens
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Activists will take to the streets Wednesday morning for another Amazon protest ahead of the New York City Council’s first of three hearings on Amazon HQ2 in Queens.

Called the “Rally to stop the Amazon #HQ2Scam,” the protest is organized by NYC Democratic Socialists of America Tech Action, Primed Out NYC, Make the Road New York, Food & Water Watch and other nonprofits.

Queens residents and other community members across the five boroughs who are against the tech giant setting up in Long Island City will gather at City Hall at 9 a.m. Wednesday, Dec. 12.

The first of three New York City Council oversight hearings with city officials and Amazon execs is scheduled for Wednesday at 10 a.m.

“On Wednesday, City Council is holding a hearing to look into how this bad deal for New York was made behind closed doors,” the Amazon protest event page reads. “At a time when our transit system is falling apart, when our city is facing a crisis in affordability, and when immigrants and workers are under attack, New York City cannot afford this deal.”

That first hearing on Amazon HQ2 in Queens will be through the Economic Development Committee and will ask questions about the specific Amazon HQ2 in Queens site and how the deal between the company and the city played out.

Amazon protests expanding throughout NYC

Activists have already protested Amazon HQ2 in Queens multiple times, and along with actions in the streets, they’re trying to hit Amazon where it hurts: their retail sales.

On the same day that CUNY students planned an Amazon protest, activists launched a Google Chrome browser extension called “Block Amazon For Me” that blocks access to e-commerce sites owned by Amazon.

Those against Amazon HQ2 in Queens have also been putting Amazon protest stickers on produce and packaged goods at Whole Foods, which is owned by Amazon.

The stickers read “Rotten,” “This stinks” and “Don’t buy it,” with smaller text saying that “The Amazon deal is a bad deal for NYC.” 

amazon protest | amazon hq2 in queens
Stickers on Whole Foods produce protest Amazon HQ2 in Queens. Photo: No to Amazon in NYC/Facebook

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