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Americans are very, very way into cheerleaders right now, says Pornhub data

The numbers are in and apparently, “cheerleader” became one of the more popular porn searches last year, according to Pornhub.  

The popular porn site released their fifth-annual Year in Review stats, which provides curious readers with a breakdown of how people watched porn in 2017. Researchers crunched the numbers to share data ranging from most search porn terms to the most popular times like to enjoy their porn, to what porn stars people searched for the most.

According to Pornhub, “porn for women made it to the top of the list of searches that defined 2017.

Sex therapist Dr. Laurie Betito believes the increase in porn searches for porn for women has a lot to do with women feeling more empowered in 2017 and are expressing their desires more openly. “From the “Me too” movement to prominent females the likes of Hillary Clinton and Nikki Haley on the world stage, women are feeling more empowered and they have found their voice, Dr. Betito said.

Fidget spinners were all the rage in 2017 and managed to make their way to the top searched topics. According to Pornhub, there are some “very creative amateur videos” on the site.

In 2017 porn consumers showed they were more in tune with their senses. More people discovered ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) porn in 2017 and according to Pornhub they appreciated the tingling sensation ASMR porn provided.

Most popular porn searches on Pornhub in 2017

Popular porn searches pornhub

Credit: Pornhub

When it comes to the most searched for terms of 2017, Pornhub notes the term lesbian was at the top of their list, which isn’t much of a surprise. Pornhub notes “Hentai” moved up six spots to become the second most searched term of 2017. In case you didn’t know, “Hentai” is a subgenre of Japanese anime and manga, but with overly sexualized storylines and explicit imagery.  Although virtual reality porn wasn’t in the top 10 searches on their site, it did climb 14 spots in 2017.

According to Dr. Laurie, more people are stressed are looking for an escape from reality. Watching “Hentai” or virtual reality porn is a way to forget about all the stresses of real life. And based on all the headlines of 2017, it seems like more people have been eager to find some kind of escape from reality.

According to Pornhub data, viewers were into cheerleader porn a lot more in 2017. Although the search term”cheerleader” wasn’t nearly as popular as “lesbian” or “milf,” Pornhub did see a spike in searches in 2017. According to the data, “cheerleader” moved up a whopping 366 spots in 2017. As for the polarity ranking, “cheerleader” found it’s self just above “gangbang” and just below “big ass”  according to Pornhub. In the United States, Pornhub data shows a 279 percent increase searches for cheerleader porn, which trended higher than “3 girls 1 guy” and “double penetration.”


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