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Americas richest self-made women

Forbes, the leaders in decimating your self-esteem, have new list of people who are better than you. This time around it’s their “8 Self-made women to look out for in 2015.”

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On top of the list is our friend Jessica Alba who Forbes reports owns up to 20% of “The Honest Company” which “saw revenues grow from $10 million 2012 to $150 million in 2014.”

Alba’s company however has recently found itself in hot water, when customers began to complain that the natural sunscreen the company sells doesn’t work.

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Up next on the list? Oscar Award winning actress Sandra Bullock.

According to Forbes, Bullock found herself on the list because of her successful production company Fortis Films, her oscar noms and wins, as well as her huge paychecks and because she owns two restaurants in Texas.

Here’s the entire list of women who aren’t you:

1) Jessica Alba – Actress and entrepreneur

2) Sandra Bullock – Actress, producer, entrepreneur

3) Cindy Monroe – Entrepreneur

4) Taylor Swift – Musician

5) Natalie Massenet – Journalist and entrepreneur

6) Lynn Jurich – Entrepreneur

7) Lisa Falzone – Entrepreneur

8) Angela Ahrendts – Business woman

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