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Amy Schumer lands multi-million dollar book deal

Amy Schumer

It pays to be funny — big time. “Trainwreck” star Amy Schumer just landed herself a book deal between $8 million and $10 million, Entertainment Weekly reports. While there aren’t any details about what Schumer’s book will be about, rumor has it she will write a book of essays similar in style to her very popular YouTube videos.

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Relatable, witty females are dominating the non-fiction book scene right now. Mindy Kaling, whose second book “Why Not Me?” came out this week, landed a $7.5 million book deal for teaming up with B.J. Novak to write a third book of essays, coming out next year. Lena Dunham earned $3.7 million for “Not That Kind of Girl.” Readers today are hungry for stories they can relate to — and get a good laugh in the process.

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