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An alternate take on the Top 100 Canadian Singles

The book 100 Top Canadian Singles is on sale, and here are the coveted top 35:

  • 35. If I Had a Rocket Launcher It Would Be Registered, Bruce Cockburn
    34. William Shatner’s Rocketman (Elton John version only)
    33. Pulled Aside At The Airport Again, Raffi
    32. How’s About The Boy From Labrador City?, Moose Factory Transfer
    31. Sometimes When We Touch (first two seconds only), Dan Hill
    30. Tom Cochrane contemplates that all his obituaries will involve mention of an exit ramp (dinner conversation).
    29. The Weight, Burton Cummings
    28. Ave Maria, Chad Kroeger
    27. Smash Your Radio With A Hammer!, Shania Twain
    26. Canadian Railroad Trilogy re-release with updated special effects (Lightfoot shoots first), George Lucas
    25. The Treehouse Theme Song (“Come with me…”)
    24. Teenage John Mazerolle plays the euphonium in his livingroom (casingle only)
    23. Could Have Been A Lady, A Hungover Guy Trying To Remember What Happened
    22. The Hampster Dance Song
    21. Takin’ Care Of Business (as soon as we launch this exploratory committee into the viability of holding hearings into the possibility of changing legislation), The Canadian Government
    20. Huckleberry Finn, Rush
    19. OK! Blue Jays! (Ballad version only)
    18. Hasn’t Hit Me Yet, any opponent of the Edmonton Oilers
    17. I’ve Always Got Time For You, Tim Horton
    16. The Eyes Of A Stranger, The Morgue Robbers
    15. Constant Raving, Don Cherry
    14. Hope, Love, Faith, Blah, Blah, Blah, Canadian Idol winners
    13. Hair!, Justin Bieber
    12. (Everything I Do) Kind Of Sucks, Bryan Adams
    11. Sunglasses At Night, The Insufferable Hipsters
    10. Whatcha Do To My Body, Anne Murray
    9. Wondering Where The Lions Are, A Fired Zookeeper
    8. Token French Song, Two Solitudes
    7. OK, So It’s Been A Long Time, Trooper
    6. Up On Physically Disabled Creek, The Politically Correct Band
    5. Sonny’s Dream (losing his teeth, then naked in front of crowd, then trying to run but can’t version), Ron Hynes
    4. If I Had $667,000, Barenaked Ladies (April 30 concert)
    3. If You Could Read My Mind, You’d Know I Wasn’t Dead, Gordon Lightfoot
    2. Porky’s II read-along storybook (on 45)
    1. O Canada (secular, gender-neutral version)

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