Anger brews as parents slam MTA’s student plan - Metro US

Anger brews as parents slam MTA’s student plan

That collective “Argggh!” you hear is from parents of city schoolkids, furious the MTA may end its free student MetroCard program.

Most city schoolkids are eligible for free or reduced-price MetroCards. But next year, students will pay half the fare, and in 2011, they’ll be forced to pony it all up to feed a cash-hungry MTA.

“This would cost us an extra $220 a month,” said Union Square mom Susan Kramer, 53. “We don’t have that kind of money sitting around. It’s already really hard to afford to live in this city.”

Caprice Corbett, 42, has been unemployed since losing a legal assistant job last year. “I’ll have to choose between my Con Ed bill, going on a job interview or sending my kids to school.”

A group of three high school boys were asked what they would do if they lost their free MetroCard.

“That’s easy,” said one. “Jump the turnstile.”

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