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Another miss for Duplantis at 6.19 meters

PARIS (Reuters) – Armand Duplantis cleared 6.01 meters easily to win an indoor meeting in Clermont Ferrand on Sunday but for the second time in five days the Swede could not break his own pole vault world record.

The 20-year-old failed in three attempts at 6.19 meters, eight days after beating his own best mark to take the record to 6.18 meters.

Duplantis first beat Frenchman Renaud Lavillenie’s record of 6.16 meters by one centimeter on Feb. 8.

Lavillenie, the organizer of Sunday’s ‘All star Perche’ in Clermont Ferrand, took part in the event and finished second to Duplantis with 5.94 meters.

Ukrainian Sergey Bubka’s 6.14m mark in 1994 remains the highest outdoor clearance but the IAAF has not distinguished between indoor and outdoor records in pole vault since 2000.

Bubka beat his own world record at four consecutive meetings in 1991.

(Reporting by Julien Pretot; Editing by Clare Fallon)