Another nineteen cases of swine flu diagnosed in Nova Scotia – Metro US

Another nineteen cases of swine flu diagnosed in Nova Scotia

Nineteen new mild cases of H1N1 influenza A, formerly referred to as swine flu, were confirmed in Nova Scotia over the weekend, including several in the Halifax Regional Muncipality, the province announced.

That brings the province-wide known total to 33 cases, the Health Promotion and Protection Department says. Seventeen cases were reported Saturday, with 11stemming from King’s-Edgehill school in Windsor, while six others were reported from the metro Halifax area, either through doctors’ offices or at emergency rooms.

It was found out Sunday one of these six cases was a student at Baddeck Academy. The student, who had been visiting King’s-Edgehill, is home recovering.

Two other mild cases of H1N1 were reported yesterday, both related to the King’s-Edgehill community.

“Right now we are working to gather more information about the confirmed cases outside of King’s-Edgehill,” Robert Strang, Nova Scotia’s chief public medical officer, said Saturday.

No one has been hospitalized as a result of these new cases, Strang said, reiterating that none of the Nova Scotians afflicted with H1N1 have experienced symptoms as severe as what has been seen in Mexico.

Hand-washing, coughing or sneezing into sleeves, disinfecting common surfaces such as counters and doorknobs and staying away from public areas when sick are the best ways to prevent the spread of human swine influenza, the provincial government says.

“It is important to remember that daily activities should continue as normal,” Strang said.

As of Friday, Nova Scotia doctors started conducting tests to detect H1N1 in Halifax, leading to a faster turnaround time for results.