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Another Year, another Leigh masterpiece

Another Year
Genre: Drama
Director: Mike Leigh
Stars: Leslie Manville, Jim Broadbent, Ruth Sheen
Another Year is another painfully realistic domestic drama (with plenty of comedy of course, it wouldn’t be as real without it) from British master Mike Leigh.

The simple story follows a year in the life of a married couple (Jim Broadbent and Ruth Sheen) whose seemingly effortless domestic bliss is shown in contrast to their perpetually single and consequently perpetually depressed friends.

The message might sound gooey and sentimental, but like all of Leigh’s work it’s delivered too subtly and realistically to ever feel manipulative. Credit, as always, must be given to Leigh’s remarkable cast who created their characters through weeks of improvisation, especially longtime Leigh collaborator Leslie Manville whose portrayal of an aging, emotionally stunted alcoholic is heartbreaking, hilarious, and awards-worthy

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