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Anthony Scaramucci might be launching his own news website

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Anthony Scaramucci served as White House communications director for a whopping 10 days. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Anthony Scaramucci — you remember, President Donald Trump’s short-lived communications director — is apparently launching his own news website and Twitter is losing it.

The ex-Wall Street financier lasted just 10 days in the White House before stepping down from his post in July after he gave an interview tearing into other White House staff and hurled multiple allegations of leaking against other staffers.

Scaramucci’s short tenure on President Trump’s team was rife with controversy — his wife decided to divorce him just a few days after he started, he reportedly didn’t even meet his newborn child for days and his fast-talking New York persona raised more than a few eyebrows — but the “Mooch” had largely receded from the spotlight since sinking into unemployment, that is until Tuesday, when a cryptic tweet from his personal account warned followers simply to, “Get ready.”

The post tweeted just after 10 p.m., was a retweet from a new account called @ScaramucciPost, which was created last month. The account has only tweeted three times and its Twitter bio says only “coming soon,” accompanied by a link to an Instagram account by the same name. The Instagram account is just as bare.

It’s unclear exactly when Scaramucci plans to debut his new online venture or what the Scaramucci Post will actually produce, though another post from the Twitter account indicated the Scaramucci Post is going after verification on Twitter and Instagram, a service typically reserved for prominent people, businesses and news media.

The irony of the president’s disgraced ex-communications director trying to make it in the news biz was not lost on Twitter, and Twitter users did not disappoint in their reactions to Scaramucci’s announcement.

From memes to spoof job applications to good-old-fashioned joking around, here are some of our favorite reactions to Scaramucci’s news about the Scaramucci Post:

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