Aquarium dolphin Laverne dies at age 31 - Metro US

Aquarium dolphin Laverne dies at age 31

Laverne, one of the Vancouver Aquarium’s four Pacific white-sided dolphins, has died from a twisted bowel, staff announced.

The 31-year-old dolphin, which Aquarium veterinarian Martin Haulena said had “a number of geriatric issues,” died Wednesday night in the arms of her trainers.

“A (twisted bowel) is a very serious condition and unfortunately is unpredictable and untreatable and unpreventable,” Haulena said. “We had made the decision along with Sea World to euthanize her but she died before we could.”

Haulena said staff is grieving her loss.

“Laverne was a very special dolphin. She was very interactive, the dolphin that would come out and meet the kids and … she was very gentle and fun.”

“On the flip side, her course of illness was really short … and thankfully she didn’t suffer for very long.”

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