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Are Girl Scout cookies the new breakfast of champions?


Veterans who were encouraged to re-enlist with bonuses are being told topay it back.

The Texas nurse who contracted Ebola while treating the first person in the U.S. diagnosed with the virus has reached a settlement with the hospital where she worked.

Hallelujah! A more socially acceptable way toeat Girl Scout cookies for breakfastis coming.

Taryn Manning and her “Orange is the New Black” character Penssatucky havesimilar sobriety issues.

In love with a baseball fan? With the World Series coming up, find out when you shouldn’t text them (i.e.when the games are on).

Cheech and Chong hada smokin’ van, but thispot-laced candy company’s truck burst into flames. “Dr. Dro” said the company lost $50,000 of merch.

Trump visits a pumpkin patch. Did he talkTrumpkins? Nope. He talked aboutthe “rigged” election.

Are tech company stocks on Pogosticks? Becausethey are jumping.

Someone in London isprotesting gentrificationby hanging a purple dildo over a McDonald’s. Are you lovin’ it?

Relive those grungy, angst-ridden90s with anew Oasis documentary.

Pennsylvania Attorney General Kane said she would cut off her right arm if she were separated from her sonsdue to a prison sentence. (We hope she’s a lefty.)

Jets QB Ryan Fitzpatrickapparently needs to get over himself.

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