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Are high heels affecting your body?

Calf muscle:

High heels cause the calf muscle to contract as it is forced to adjust to the irregular angle. In the long term this can cause the muscle to shorten and tighten.

Shortened Achilles tendon:

The higher the heel you choose, the shorter your tendon becomes. This in turn will create heel pain.

Knobbly knees:

Walking in high heels alters the posture of walking since it places an excess of force and mass onto the inside of the knee.


High heels force body weight to be redistributed. Over long periods, this can lead to joint pain in the ball of the foot, known as metatarsalgia.

Minimizing the impact:

Here are the top five tips to ensure you stay healthy while heeled high.

Variation is important — if you wear four inch heels one day, try no heel or a very low one the next.

Avoid backless heels — the lack of support forces you to claw your toes as you walk.

Perform calf stretches to counteract the shortening calf muscle effect directly caused by wearing heels.

Choose a heel with a strap over the instep, as this will hold the foot in a secure position and stop it from sliding forward.

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