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Arnold Schwarzenegger provides ‘Terminator 6’ update, reveals what Tim Miller will bring to the franchise

Arnold Schwarzenegger talks Terminator 6

Arnold Schwarzenegger has every right to be a little bit bored of playing the Terminator by this point. It’s not just that he made his debut as the cyborg assassin back in 1984, and has already played him five times, it’s also that the last three “Terminator” films have been met with less and less plaudits and enthusiasm.

But Schwarzenegger, and everyone else associated with the franchise, is rather confident that the tide will turn with the upcoming sixth installment. That’s because not only is James Cameron once again prominently involved as a producer, but the creator of the franchise is working in creative cahoots with “Deadpool” director Tim Miller, too.

I recently had the chance to speak to Schwarzenegger regarding his latest release “Killing Gunther,” but towards the end of our discussion I decided to ask the 70-year-old actor for an update on the sixth installment to the “Terminator” franchise. Unsurprisingly, Schwarzenegger was rather enthusiastic about it.

“It’s great when you see a guy like Tim, who is a really talented director that worked on ‘Deadpool’, and when he works together with Cameron – they have worked together in visual effects in the past – so they have a great combination. Cameron is really into it, he’s passionate about it, he loves the character, loves me being in it, and wants me to continue on as the T-800 model and all that stuff. It is an honor to be asked back. I think it is going to be fantastic. Both of them are technology experts, visual effects experts, and I think they’ll get really great performances out of that.”

I then asked Schwarzenegger exactly what Tim Miller brings to the franchise, which is when the Austrian actor not only revealed that he’s been trying to do a movie with the director ever since “Deadpool” was released, but also detailed the characteristics that he will bring to the production.  

“I have been talking to Tim Miller about doing a movie ever since ‘Deadpool’ came out. So we have talked about it, we have met several times. He is a terrific guy. He’s not a primadonna. He’s just down to earth, easy to work with, makes suggestions. He’s fantastic. He’s just very secure with himself. He’s got a great relationship with Cameron. And Cameron respects him, and we all have the highest respect for Cameron.”

Production on “Terminator 6” will actually begin in late March in Budapest before moving onto Spain, while it will eventually hit cinemas in July, 2019.

In the meantime, you can watch Schwarzenegger in his latest release “Killing Gunther,” which will be released into theaters and On Demand on October 20.