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Arrested G20 protester tells his side of story

After spending nearly 30 hours in a detention centre, being deprived of warm clothing, something to sleep on, decent food, or even more than a Dixie cup of water, Kevin Force wants his message to be heard.

“People were beaten, threatened, their civil liberties were violated and the police were violent against so many people,” Force said from back home in Edmonton after an unforgettable trip to Toronto.

“It needs to be talked about, it needs to be understood and it needs to be prevented from ever happening again.”

Force is a political science student in his final year of studies at the University of Alberta.

The 27-year-old decided to take a trip to Toronto to take part in peaceful protests during the G20 meetings last week.

Charges against Force were dropped and he was finally released, but he feels that his rights were violated and wants his story heard. He has not decided whether to pursue legal action.

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