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Artwork paints vivid pictures of unspoken thoughts

Kim Almond says she’s often blown away by the talent and insight her students — who are developmentally disabled — express through their art.

“People are often surprised that they have important things to say and that their paintings are about something,” said Almond.

Her students will put their artwork on display at the sixth annual Art Show For B.C. Artists With Developmental Disabilities at Heritage Hall on Thursday, Oct. 14.

Almond said art allows her students to express thoughts and work through issues they can’t articulate verbally.

Wendy Cook created a blue painting depicting images of her cat along with birds and butterflies — her idea of cat heaven — after her pet died.

“It can be very cathartic,” Almond said.

Beverly Jean Semenick, whose painting Summer Flowers was on display, said being in art shows makes her feel proud.

Gerome Couiseau, whose painting Spring In Montreal was in the exhibit, said creating art is relaxing.

Correction – Oct. 8, 2010, 11:08 am PST: A previous version of this story incorrectly stated the art show would be held on Thursday, Oct. 7. In fact, the show happens on Thursday, Oct. 14.

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